General Information



To meet students where their needs are as stepping stones to teach them how to be Jesus to others and to keep them walking with Jesus after they leave high school.


To equip chaplains, Bible teachers and campus pastors of academy churches with the tools that will keep their students walking with Jesus and remain members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  This vision will be carried out through servant leadership that will train students to be disciples so they can know and experience how to be Jesus to others.


A professional organization of academy campus ministries professionals who will develop the goals and will network and share resources through ASPA (Adventist Student Personnel Association), video workshops, newsletters and social media. To unite together as a team with the one purpose of building the stepping stones that will keep Adventist high schools students walking with Jesus after high school and into their college years, work, homes and churches is the ultimate goal of this organization. 

STEPS to meet objectives:

S-Servanthood: To network on ideas, resources and programs through social media, video conferences, ASPA and newsletters what we are doing to promote servant leadership to our students.

T-Train: To provide training/methods on how to creatively teach the Bible curriculum.

E-Experience: To encourage campus pastors at academy churches to make church a place where students can feel safe from criticism and a place where they experience mentoring and acceptance and responsibility for whom they are becoming in Christ. To make church a place where students can practice their discipleship skills that can keep them connected with their church and keep them walking with Jesus.

P-Proclaim: To provide ideas, resources and programs that will help academy campus ministries professionals build a strong program that integrates the Bible curriculum and campus ministries in a way that will allow students to lead and develop ministries.

S-Sow: To help academy campus ministries professionals sow the seed that help their students build a strong relationship with Jesus.