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Director: Alexander Gietsel

Phone: (269) 815-2090


Adventists have been always known as “People of the Book," primarily because we are committed to the supremacy, authority and study of the Bible.  Through Bible Summit, we teach young people about biblical truths and how to share those truths with others.  

Bible Summit brings the inspiration, instruction and fellowship that affirms the call to a high regard of the knowledge and understanding that a mature Christian seeks.  As a local event, in partnership with others, a young person will have an opportunity to be equipped and trained to carry forward Adventism’s truths as taught in the scriptures at a Bible Summit near them.

Bible Summit Q & A

Why was the Bible Summit created? 

Many of our Youth are still in need of conversion.  But we also have a group of youth/young adults who are already in love with Jesus and are committed to knowing him in a deeper, more personal way.  They are also ready to be trained to share the "Good News" with others.  Bible Summit was created for this group.

How was it created?  

Indiana Conference worked with CYE to plan the first Bible Summit 4 years ago.

Why is studying the Bible so important? 

Every time we open God's word we receive His blessings, knowledge and Strength.  The deeper we study and search, the greater the reward!

What are the benefits? 

When we open and study God's word  we are ready for the "solid Food" that Paul talks about.  We grow spiritually and can be used by God to inspire others.