On October 26, 2013 The Bible Summit took place on the campus of Indiana Adventist Academy, in Cicero, Indiana.

The Bible Summits are held In partnership with Center for Youth Evangelism and Indiana Conference along with congregations and church leaders to inspire young Adventists to be equipped for deeper Bible study and "youth-to-youth" evangelism. Bible Summit does this through the facilitation of  youth bible retreats, leadership summits as well as church camp meeting events. Summits are typically 1-day or weekend events that include general sessions and workshops.

The General Session Presenter was Michael Goetz, Associate Pastor, Pioneer Memorial Church

Seminar Presentations and Presenters included:

  • Christ's Ministry in the Sanctuary - Steve Poenitz, Ministerial Secretary and Evangelism Coordinator, Indiana Conference
  • The Death and Resurrection - Bill Payne, Pastor, Indiana Conference
  • Millenium - JR Bonilla, Seminary Student
  • The Remnant Through the Ages - Kevin & Sarah Burton, MA Students, Andrews Seminary
  • Sabbath: A Day of Joy or a Day of Woe? -- Rabel Y Ortiz Martinez, Timber Ridge Camp Staff