General Session Presenter

Michael Goetz

Associate Pastor,

Pioneer Memorial Church


Seminar Presentation & Presenter

Christ's Ministry in the Sanctuary by:

"Let them make me a sanctuary"

Steve Poenitz

Ministerial Secretary and Evangelism Coordinator, Indiana Conference

Bio:  As Ministerial Secretary and Evangelism Coordinator, Steve Poenitz Presently coordinates and conducts evangelism workshops and church officer training sessions, preaches at Indiana churches, and pastors the pastors of the Indiana Conference of SDA.


The Death and Resurrection by:

Bill Payne

Pastor, Indiana Conference

Pastor Bill Watson-Payne is an Ordained Pastor who has served the Adventist church for over 18 years. His ministry began in Southwest Region Conference, then on to the Hawaiian Conference and currently in the Indiana Conference.  His area of specialty is Small Groups Ministry. 

Millenium by:

JR Bonilla

Seminary Student

JR Bonilla is currently a seminary student at Andrews University.  He is originally from New Jersey and has been married for 6 years with one daughter.

The Remnant through the Ages by:

Kevin & Sarah Burton

MA Students at Andrews Seminary

Kevin is finishing his M.A. at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University. Kevin enjoys finding out cool things in history and regaling his wife, Sarah, with the stories he discovers. He loves family history, traveling, scuba diving, and coin collecting. 


Sarah is an M.A. student at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University. She enjoys traveling with her husband, Kevin, and is particularly fond of beaches and mountains. She loves discovering connections in the Bible and is passionate about good food, good books, and most importantly, God. 


Sabbath: A Day of Joy or a Day or Woe? by:

Rabel Y. Ortiz Martinez

Timber Ridge Camp Staff

Born and raised in various cities of Puerto Rico. As the daughter of a pastor she has been involved in different aspects of the Adventist Church in the West Conference in PR. She served as a Bible teacher in the Dr. Dennis Soto Adventist Academy in Ponce, Puerto Rico. It was here that she found her passion to serve the youth and teach them about who God truly is. Since the summer of 2009 she has been part of the Timber Ridge Camp staff. She has been Girl’s Director for the last 4 years. A calling which she is passionate about.