• Sabbath School Class - or young adults that is led and operated by them.
  • Special Vespers - Every third Friday, the South Bend Seventh-day Adventist churches present a vespers program called “The Refuge” that is planned, prepared, and presented by young adults. 
  • Corporate worship and style - Try a blended worship service, where well known hymns and new songs are offered. Allow for creativity in the order of service as well as in what is presented. 
  • Preaching - The sermon each Sabbath is Christ centered, Bible based, and visitor friendly. Occasional guest speakers provide a positive mix to the services. The consistently friendly services make them a viable place to invite friends. It is important to add a Sabbath focused on young adults with a guest speaker targeting this age group.  
  • Greeters - Add teenagers and young adults to the greeting team. Make it your goal to make sure that everyone is greeted five times before entering the sanctuary; that visitors are politely and personally directed to services; that they are greeted as they leave. Have a visitor’s package ready and make major changes in how you deliberately attempt to bring first time visitors to second time visitors, and second time visitors to a special Sabbath School class. This could include: 1) changing service so that offering is after sermon so that you can have a response card for all to fill out; 2) give a good, age appropriate book, to first time visitor; 3) send a gift card to first time visitor as a “thank you” for coming; 4) Deliberately connecting with visitors who a) may have come alone (without a connection to a member) or b) may have a particular need, such as needing special prayer or a place to go for lunch. Have designated members ready to take young adults home for lunch after church.
  • Sabbath Activities - Friday evenings could focus on prayer time, music, and testimonies while Saturday afternoons could focus on prayer, devotion, reach out to the community, fellowship, visit non attending church members, sharing Bible studies with interested individuals, and then evening social activities such as game night, bowling, and other activities enjoyed by young people.
  • Prayer for young adults - Find prayer warriors who have a burden for young adults.