Source: South Bend Seventh-day Adventist Church

  • Church greeters. Actively welcome and greet people when they come to church. Have greeters go through training to know how to welcome visitors and make them feel at home, no matter who they are, where they come from, or how they look. Purposefully greet visitors five times before they enter the sanctuary.
  • Respect for all & Cultural diversity. As a church, make it your goal to embrace diversity and welcome variety in church life and worship.
  • Inclusion of visitors and new members into church life. Invite new people to participate in church life and ministry. Some options for service are taking up offering or helping on the platform, before they become members. Social activities could be volleyball or ping pong on Sunday afternoons, basketball on Tuesday evenings, etc.
  • Worship. Educate your church so different types of worship are welcome by all. Include more traditional and new songs. Focus a sermon on loving people, grace, and mercy every once in a while to communicate the vision of embracing cultural diversity and different worship expressions.
  • Connecting with others. Plan and create opportunities for young people to mingle with others, while not becoming tempted to join the world.  Connect an elder with each of your young adults, with the purpose of visiting non attending church members.