Questions for Reflection


  • “We must move past the idea of a ‘friendly church’ to the concept of a ‘church of friends.’” Brad J. Waggoner. Does this phrase resonate with you? Why? Why not?
  • Read the following quote. “Sometimes I wonder if community-building in many churches has fallen into the same trap that so many other things have fallen into: We talk about it more than we actually practice it. Sermons, Bible study books, podcasts, tweets, Facebook rants—they've addressed community at some point. Home groups sit around and talk to each other about how great their community is when they may have someone sitting on the sofa right next to them who feels wildly disconnected from everyone else. We love the idea of community—everyone engaged and involved and connected—but how many people show up like I did to the back of that church, longing for someone to reach out to them, shake their hand and have more than a two-second conversation?” ~ Shaun Stevenson in “3 Ways the Church Can Build Better Community,” Relevant Magazine, March 19, 2015.
  • Is this an accurate description of community at your church? How can your/the church build or improve community? What attitudes and elements are needed to truly make everyone feel welcome and appreciated at church?
  • Read this article by Kathy Escobar: The Difference Between Cultivating Communities and Building Churches. What are your thoughts on the difference between cultivating communities and building churches?