Source: South Bend Seventh-day Adventist Church

  • Counseling. Offer counselling options (pastoral, personal, marriange, health, etc.) to help your young adults. You may also vote a formal Boundary Policy that all staff and elders are required to follow, in order to maintain proper etiquette.
  • Seminars Available. Sponsor programs such as a Depression Recovery, and Coronary Health Improvement Program every year.
  • Create a Resource Directory. Create a directory of professionals who are members of your church, or neighboring SDA churches, so that you can provide service and support to your young adults. This may also serve as a directory where your members can direct business to your church members, and your young adults can develop a network with other Adventist professionals.
  • Identify specific skills and interests to support young adults. You may conduct a survey to see which members would be impressed to take on this ministry. You may choose a leader to coordinate both talent information available and the process of connecting young adults to members that can be of support. Your data base could include: 
  1. Mechanics for those with car trouble
  2. Car salesperson for those in need of a car
  3. Marriage counselors for those in troubled relationships
  4. Financial advisors for those with financial issues
  5. Government workers for those who may need Government assistance (i.e. food stamps, welfare, etc.)
  6. Medical professionals, such as Dentists, Doctors, and Physical Therapist
  • Greet Senior Youth and Young Adults. Actively watch the doors to your church with the intent of connecting with all senior youth and young adults who come to the church.
  • Create a Needs Assessment Team. As some young adults face special challenges as they begin to plant roots and establish themselves professionally, you could make it your goal to create a team of church members, who will work alongside your young adults and provide support and seek relevant assistance from church members. This support may range from help with mechanical repairs, to professional networking, to seeking medical or dental services.