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The 2020 Children's Leadership Conference is currently in the planning stages.


The Adventurer Basic Staff training course is designed to help Adventurer parents and leaders to understand how to operate an Adventurer club, and to be familiar with the developmental stages of Adventurers and the resources available for nurturing young Christians. In addition, Adventurer Basic Staff training fulfills one of the requirements for becoming a Master Guide.

Pathfinder Basic Staff training is for Teen Leaders in Training (TLTs), parents and other staff members engaged with Pathfinder clubs.  The training is also beneficial to seminarians as they prepare for youth ministry in their future churches.  Pathfinder Basic Staff training fulfills one of the requirements for becoming a Master Guide.  It is also a pre-requisite to several other AYMT certificates.

Master Guide Leadership Skills fulfills the second set of seminars required for becoming a Master Guide. These will be offered the last weekends of February, 2020, and July, 2020.

AYMT Instructor is designed for TLTs and adults teaching Investiture Achievement levels (Friends, Explorers, Guides, etc) and Pathfinder honors. Before attending this track, have a Basic Staff certificate.  AYMT Instructor is a prerequisite for Master Guide Instructor (new PIA).

AYMT Club Director is for third and fourth year TLTs, future, and current Pathfinder club directors.  The course content includes Club Organization, Finances, and Dealing with the Church Board and Conference.

The AYMT model includes a weekend of seminars and a year of mentorship. For additional information regarding the AYMT requirements and certificates, visit  


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