Meet Paulet Howard



Paulet E. Howard grew up in Winston-Salem N.C. His passion and dedication to children and youth ministries were instilled in him by his nurturing mother, now decreased. While attending Oakwood College, now Oakwood University, he completed his B.S. degree in Business Administration & Mathematics and eventually earning his M.B.A. in Organizational Change and Human Resources.  Paulet has 15+ years under his belt as a ministry leader in Adventurer and Pathfinder. The Lake Region Conference of Seventh-day Adventists is where is began his teaching, training and managing in both the private and public sectors.

Paulet is an enthusiastic and motivational speaker and an organizational change expert. He loves working with children and youth and his passion in life now is training leaders, helping them identify and understand the needs of our children and youth as we navigate their lives to a loving relationship with Jesus.  He has a compiled a host of training and resource materials in Adventurer, Pathfinder Youth and Young Adult ministries and currently preparing them for publication. He has held several ministry positions within the church and currently ministers as Youth Advisor for his Conference Youth Department and serves on several Focus Task Forces for the NAD.

Paulet lives in Bolingbrook, IL, outside of Chicago with his wife Kathy and son, PJ. Their daughters live in Homewood, IL and Houston, TX.  They have one grandson, Kaleel.