General Information


The annual Easter Passion Play is an interactive indoor and outdoor walk-through experience for the entire family, depicting the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The following information describes what you will experience at this year's play.

  • After you park your vehicle in one of the designatied Passion Play parking areas, walk to the Howard Performing Arts Center for event registration and the opening scene. This year's registration includes a colored wristband. You must have your wristband on at all times during your rotation. The Roman Guards will ask you for your "pass" during the event.
  • Next you will enter the Howard Auditorium where you will view a short video presentation about the play and the first scene. The play begins with an introduction to Jesus, showing compassion for Mary Magdalene, a blind man and children.
  • The next scene takes place outside the Howard Performing Arts Center with Jesus' triumphal entry. During this time, the audience is invited to participate in the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of a Middle Eastern marketplace and Bedouin Tent, complete with live animals and merchants who will offer samples of their goods.
  • On the way to the Last Supper, you will go through the "dangerous" Roman Encampment where you will be introduced to Barabbas.
  • You will then make your way over to where Jesus and His 12 disciples are having The Last Supper. It is here that Jesus will be betrayed by Judas.
  • The Gethsemane scene presents Jesus passionate cry to His Father, "If it be Thy will, take this cup from me!" Then a mob led by Judas comes and takes Jesus captive.
  • The next scene involves a rowdy crowd, Barabbas, and Pilate condemning Jesus to death. Then you will experience the Via Dolorosa.
  • The reality of Christ's sacrifice for humanity is then presented in a moving crucifixion scene.
  • Finally, you will enter a darkened Johnson Gym to sit down for a moving sound-and-light show climaxing with the Savior emerging from the tomb.
  • As you exit the gym, you will be greeted by staff at the hospitality tent where you can receive free refreshments, fill out an optional survey, reflect in the prayer room, and ride a free shuttle bus back to the event parking lot.