WeCare Mission Trips




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We help give hundreds of young people the opportunity to offer hope and the chance to rebuild lives.



If you're looking for a place to serve either domestically or internationally connect with us to make it a reality.


Disaster Response

Respond to critical disaster issues that happen throughout the world. Register online to assist when the need arises.



 Have you wondered what it would be like to lose everything, or how it would feel to not have the daily basic items to get by? Have you wondered how it would feel to be in a classroom and be rained on because you don't have a roof over your head? Everyday, people are losing their homes, losing access to food and water and even losing loved ones. Domestically and Internationally, poverty is all around us. CYE's WeCare Mission Trips serves to not only help those who have been stricken with poverty, illness and loss, but they also present the opportunity for others to take an active role in bringing hope to the those individuals.

WeCare Missions exists to not only gives you stories to tell, change your life and the life of others, but most importantly, it exists because this is what God has called us to do, to be a light unto others. As Director of WeCare, I want to WELCOME you. Please call me with any questions or ideas that you might have. Call my cell anytime 7 days a week. 269-208-7183. Blessings in your planning and I hope you have a safe journey wherever service to others takes you.

Your mission director,

Vern Byrd