General Information




WeCare Missions serves as a ministry that reachers out to communities around the world and right here at home in America. WeCare was launched originally to coordinate a nation-wide response utilizing youth and young adults following the terrorist attacks on 9/11. It was helpful to have a full-time entity to help coordinate the hundreds of young people and members of the Adventist community to have a hand in offering hope and helping to rebuild to those who have suffered from there loss.

Since that time WeCare Missions has worked with dozens of group leaders and thousands of youth from across America and our International communities.  Today's youth leader, whether in a church group, school or pathfinders, is loaded with so much to do.  Many would like to have their young people partake in a transformative experience like a mission trip, yet they don't have the time.  Or if they do, they end-up burning out, calculating poor budgets, or unknowingly place their group in risky situations.  Thats where WeCare lends a hand.  We manage the components of the trip that are the most tedious, we have cost controls, and are keen, up-to date on safety.  This allows the group leader and the group to focus on whats most important: service and salvation.  

Now WeCare missions is taking another step to strengthen your impact on these communities.  We have found strong partners in 3 specific countries that need our help.  This will allow your group to have a hand in building and strengthening a community.  What your group does in those 7-10 days is a step and necessary component of our partner's plan to revitalize their community.  So review our 3 primary international sites and choose one that best meets your group's mission goals.