Q: What kind of project can my youth or young adult group do?
A: The type of project depends on the abilities and interests of your group. Projects can include Vacation Bible Schools, Weeks of Prayer, community service projects, construction, renovation, urban ministries, etc.
Q: How many people do I need to go on a WeCare Missions trip?
A: Whether you have 20 or 100 young people, WeCare is able to arrange a project for you. Group size may depend on location.
Q: Why do I need to pay a $50 deposit per person when I make a reservation?
A: This non-refundable deposit reserves the project site for the exact number of people as have paid.
Q: How soon do I need to pay the full amount?
A: The complete payment should be made three months prior to your departure. This ensures the site preparation, and aides in finalizing project details.
Q: Does the group have to work the whole time?
A: No! WeCare provides a sightseeing tour that is enjoyable and helps volunteers get better acquainted with the community in which they are working.
Q: Where can we take our youth group?
A: WeCare plans trips to fit the needs of the volunteers and the location. WeCare runs trips domestically to Kentucky, Louisiana, Florida. Internationally sites to Costa Rica, Belize, Quatemala and Purto Rico, Honduros and Jamaica. However, since WeCare custom builds trips, also consider taking your group to places like Egypt, England and Ecuador. There is an additional fee for planning a custom mission trip to a region not currently served by WeCare.
Q: How often do you run mission trips?
A: WeCare runs trips as often as you want to go on them. WeCare runs trips throughout the year.
Q: How much will this trip cost our group?
A: The price will vary depending on the number of participants, the location, and the duration of the trip. Domestic trips start at $400 per person (excluding travel to the site), and international trips are more.
Q: What is included in the cost of a WeCare Missions trip?
A: WeCare provides the backing of an established organization, a qualified group leader, one leisure tour, meals, accommodations, transportation while you are at the site, and a WeCare t-shirt for each participant.
Q: What is the age limit of participants on a WeCare Missions trip?
A: WeCare provides a trip leader to make the mission experience as smooth as possible. However, we ask the group's sponsors to supervise the volunteers, so the age limit is determined by the supervisors' discretion and is different for every trip.
Q: How much time is needed to plan a mission trip?
A: Nine to 12 months is preferred, though it can be done in six months in some circumstances. Planning ahead is especially important for international trips.
Q: How is a Disaster Response trip planned?
When a disaster strikes within North America (or close proximity), WeCare Disaster Response’s Advisory team meets to discuss the situation. If a decision is made to mobilize a team, a press release is sent out announcing details of the trip.
Q: Is there a cost to participate in a Disaster Response trip? 
Yes! The price for each volunteer is calculated based on the following expenses: travel, food, lodging, insurance and any other expenses which might be associated with the trip.
Q: What types of activities do students engage in during a Disaster Response trip?  
There is no shortage of activities that need to be done. Most students help with debris clean-up, tree removal, clothing distribution, warehousing activities, unload/loading  goods.
Q: How many people go on a Disaster Response trip? 
Depending on the size of the disaster, the number of participants can range from 10 – 100, or more.
Q: What is a typical daily schedule during a Disaster Response trip?
Depending on the size of the disaster, a typical schedule is:

7:30 A.M.

7:45 A.M.

8:15 A.M.

12:00-1:00 P.M.

1:00-6:00 P.M.

6:00-6:30 P.M.

7:00 P.M.

10:00 P.M.