WeCare Disaster Response has responded to several disasters over the years.  When the New York Twin Towers collapsed in 2001, WeCare Disaster Response was formed.  Several professional Psychologists responded, as did hundreds of students, faculty, and community members. Over the course of one year, WeCare sent 920 volunteers to New York to assist.

Hurricane Katrina hit the southern coast in 2005. WeCare Disaster Response heard the call and again assisted with 886 volunteers helping to clean up debris, distribute clothing, and warehousing activities of donated goods.

Then, in 2008, a double disaster hit!  Hurricane Gustav and Ike.   WeCare Disaster Response again assisted with groups of student going to Hammond, Louisiana and Galveston, Texas.  Working in partnership with Adventist community Services, WeCare Disaster Response helped those in need.  According to Joe Watts, North American Director for Adventist Community Services, "WeCare Disaster Response is welcome to assist us anytime. We are proud of the young people and their willingness to help.  No matter the task, they do not complain.  They work hard.  They get the job done."

On January 12 ,2010, a large scale earthquake rocked the capital of Haiti.  As reports hit the airwaves, it was obvious Haiti was going to need help.  Conference calls were held, organizations met, and action was the key word.

WeCare Disaster Response immediately called a meeting with its advisors and unanimously decided to help.  Wanda Swensen, Director,  and her coordinator, Paul Muniz, traveled to Haiti in February 2010 to put logistics in place for a future trip to Haiti.  Because of the urgent need for medical professional, WeCare Disaster Response formed a partnership with Loma Linda University Medical Center and sent medical teams to serve in Haiti.

Witnessing all these natural disasters that take place to our fellow brothers and sisters around the world, the Center for Youth Evangelism was moved to devote a full-time ministry to aiding those who are effected by these types of events.  That is their mission and goal to extend the hand of Christ to all those who are hurting.


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