Guatemala's main Caribbean Sea port, together with its more modern twin port town just to the southwest, Santo Tomás de Castilla. Puerto Barrios lies 3 feet above sea level. It's coordinates are 15 71 N, 88 60 W. This modern twin came about due to the fact that the earthquake on February 4 of 1976, one of the worst in the history of the country, destroyed most of the port facilities of Puerto Barrios, and most modern cargo traffic moved to Santo Tomás de Castilla.
As of 2003 the estimated population of Puerto Barrios is 40,900 people. That population consists of Afro-Guatemalans, Maya, Afro-Caribbean, and other West Indian groups. Puerto Barrios is starting to get more visitors in the new century and Puerto Barrios Airport is currently being refurbished in order to receive scheduled flights in the near future.