Hurricane Ike


Hurricane Ike, which hit Texas on September 13, 2008, was the most massive Atlantic hurricane ever recorder at that time. Although it was a Level 2 hurricane as it came ashore, its Level 4 storm surge contributed to its destructive force, the third most destructive after Hurricanes Andrew and Katrina with $31.5 billion in damages.

In response, 12 volunteers from Andrews University and one from Pioneer Memorial Church flew to Houston, Texas, to demonstrate God's love through serving those in need. The relief trip was organized and lead by Jeff Boyd, Krystal McKenzie, and Wanda Swensen, current director of WeCare Disaster Response.

The first two days, Saturday and Sunday, were spent distributing clothes, cleaning supplies and personal care kits at the Galveston SDA Church, approximately two hours from Beaumont. Over the two days, more than 1,500 people received needed support on the devastated island.

Over the the next few days, the volunteers spent time repairing homes, cleaning up lots that used to be inhabited by homes, as well as handing out supplies to locals.

As a total, 5 days were spent in Texas providing help, supplies and spiritual support to those that needed it.