Leader's Manual



Every child will grow up to be either a missionary or a mission field.

Many influences will determine which way a young person goes, such as the influences of:

  • Home and parenting
  • Church atmosphere and activities
  • School experiences
  • Friends
  • The Holy Spirit
  • The child’s own decisions, and
  • YOU!

As a spiritual leader of young people you have an incredible privilege and responsibility. You can help the young people in your circle of influence catch a vision of what Jesus has planned for their lives and to invite them to take important steps in that direction.

One word spoken, one invitation made, one personal testimony shared, one verse of God’s word read can be the turning point in an entire life.

Because of sin we are all born self-centered and wake up every day self-centered. We need a complete change of thinking and direction in our lives, described in the Bible as the new birth. Jesus gave us the symbol of baptism to help us understand how to begin a new Christ-centered life with Him and to let the world know about our decision.

You can invite the young people in your circle of influence to accept Jesus as their Creator, Savior, Lord and Friend, to embrace all Bible truths, and to be baptized and unite with God’s final movement on earth. What an opportunity!

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