Facing the Son. By Troy Fitzgerald. In this active bible study, children follow Christ by mirroring His qualities. It equips parents, teachers, Sabbath school and children’s ministry leaders to lead children as they “color in” the attributes of Jesus—both in their minds and lives. Each book contains a paint-by-number portrait of Jesus that the participant colors in as they practice their love for the Savior.

KidZone. By Have you ever wanted to know the truth about something? Like, what will it be like when Jesus comes again? Or, what will heaven be like? The Bible is the best place to find the answers to your questions. The lessons are a good place to start.

My Place with Jesus. Interactive Kids Bible Study game.

Let's Begin - An excellent resource for children 6-12 to learn wonderful truths of Scripture.  This is attractive and easy-to-read Bible material will captivate all kids as they learn more of Jesus!