41 Bible Studies Set. By Cindy Tsusch. This set of 41 teen Bible studies takes one topic at a time and presents several texts, sometimes with a short commentary or excerpt from the spirit of prophecy. Each colorful brochure also includes instructions for marking your Bible and linking topical texts for easy study with others. Topics include Faith, The Holy Spirit, Prayer, Loneliness and Depression, Morality, Miracles, Honesty, Satan, Swearing, Tithing, and many more.This complete set includes 41 brochures. They are also available individually.

ChristWise: Leader's Guide for Juniors, Teens, and Youth. By Troy Fitzgerald.This book is a comprehensive resource that includes a rich discussion of the different ways to lead young people at different stages of development. The Leader's guide includes insights into the process of preparing young people on their journey toward baptism. The Leader's Guide contains:

  • All the material in the three student editions
  • Instruction and background information on how to teach
  • Commentary and prompts for interactive learning
  • Annotated suggestions for each topic

ChristWise: Discipleship Guide for Teens. By Troy Fitzgerald.Taking your relationship with God into your own hands. Teens are making their way through an exciting yet tentative stage of life. This ChristWise resource seeks to engage teens in a relevant, Biblical journey of Adventist beliefs.

It's My Choice: Student Workbook. By Steve Case. Junior Baptismal Guide Workbook. Contains:

  • Age-appropriate baptismal class presentations for juniors
  • Ten studies to help kids understand the 27 fundamental beliefs and the 13 baptismal vows of their church
  • Special sections to help teachers understand the way kids think
  • Ideas for unforgettable baptismal services

Let's Explore - An excellent resource for 9-14 year-olds that has been developed by Discovery Centre located in South Pacific Division with flash-based animated inserts and high-tech sounds and graphics.  Topics include, "Friendships don't just Happen", "The Friendship Code" "A Date with My Friend" and more.  

Quiz28 - Online quiz platform where students can study and take the quiz on the 28 fundamental doctrines of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.