Young Adult


.Forty Days Wild. By Troy Fitzgerald. Now in it’s third printing, this is a proven spiritual growth resource. Using ten activities found in the words and works of Christ, this devotional launches you from your spiritual couch to the trail of grace-based change. Each day includes an inspirational discussion of Christ’s teaching about the topic and a challenge to put into practice. Small group prompts for reflection and sharing are found at the end of each section.

Seeing Red: Exploring the Words of Christ. By Troy Fitzgerald. This is a creative reflection on the words Jesus spoke while He was among us. Using a red-letter Bible, participants consider the questions Jesus asked, the one-on-one conversations He had with people, the hard things He said and the things He said about the heart. Survey what Jesus said about Himself and what He said at the end. His words will soften your heart, deepen your understanding of His grace, and open doorways for you to experience God’s leading in your life. This resource can be used by individuals and small groups, or in larger classroom settings. 

International Sabbath School Teacher's Association - A Resource by Gary B. Swanson, GC Sabbath School and Personal Ministries Director, for Youth and Young Adult and Adult Sabbath School Teachers all around the world.  

Discovery Courses - "Ten Questions for God" - An excellent resource for 15 to 35 year-olds by the Discovery Centre located in the Adventist Media Network building in the South Pacific Division.  Study topics include "Why don't You stop Pain & Evil?", "Does Love really work?", "Sex - Do You Approve?" and more.

iBelieve Bible Studies - Endeavors to create an online experience free of judgment about personal religious beliefs and life journeys, and nurtures an environment that lends itself to exploring important spiritual issues without overtly imposing all the answers. 

Quiz28 - Online quiz platform where students can study and take the quiz on the 28 fundamental doctrines of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.