Young Adult



Angel House Media - Videoclips, DVDs, and media resource for illustrations

Center for Youth Evangelism - A wide variety of Adventist ministries and resources

Church of Refuge - Resource website aimed at ministering to young adults

CM Radio - Young Adult radio station based out of Andrews University

College Leader - Free young adult ministry resources

CQ Bible Study - A devotional guide for young adults 18-35 (podcasts are also available)

Cruise with a Mission - A three-part vacation: cruise, mission trip, and spiritual retreat

Easter Passion Play - Annual Easter Passion Play on the campus of Andrews University

Group Publishing - Resources ranging from manuals, books, program ideas, and more

Sermon Spice - Videoclips, DVDs, and media resources for illustrations

Wing Clips - Videoclips, DVDs, and media resources for illustrations


Like Water Between Our Fingers (Phillips; Adventist Review, Feb 19, 2009)

Reaching Out: Making a Difference with Young Adults (Allan Martin; Ministry, July 2008)

Ministering with Millennials (Dudley, Ed.; AdventSource, 2009)

Why Our Teenagers Leave the Church (Dudley; Review & Herald, 2000)

What Jesus Said about Young Adult Ministry (Hopkins, McBride, Tyner, Drumm, & Kannenberg; Adventist Review, May 21, 2009)